Saturday, July 31, 2010

6 Lucky ways to increase traffic to your blogs

Most traffic of successful blogs comes from search engines like Google,Yahoo or Bing. Search engine visitors are more likely to buy products, click on advertisements, and sign up to newsletters.getting Teaffic But question is that, how do bloggers get search engine traffic?

Search engine optimization is how to take your blog from a low traffic site to an optimized high traffic blog. The key is to follow some important search engine rules, use some of the webs most valuable tools, and work on making your content friendly to both search engines and human readers. I have put together a few of my favorite tools and tips for better seo below.

1. Guide to SEO
In my resent research the Planning to Earning Guide for bloggers, we created a section of the guide that is completely dedicated to search engine optimization. We have articles about the basics of seo, choosing the right keywords, url canonicalization, and even the holy trinity of seo.

2.Keyword Position Tool
If you are curious about how your current seo  Checking Keyword Position Tool is very important  With this tool you will be able to check a specific keyword with a specific url to find the search engine position for the url. This is useful to check both for yourself and your competition to see how to improve your positioning and whether you are moving up on the list or down.

3. Link Popularity
to check out of your url posion Link Popularity Tool is very useful. It is quick and easy, just put in your url and find out. Again this is a great tool to improve your own blog or to understand your competition for specific keywords. If you are in the 9th spot for a keyword, check out the 6,7, and 8th spots to see what it will take to overpass them.

4. Meta Analyzer
A meta analyzer looks at the meta description and keywords of either your blog or another blog based upon the url you input. The best way to use this tool is to check out other blogs you are competing with to see how they are getting traffic and what keywords they are using. Meta Analyzer Tool

5. W3C Validation
Blogussion has an article to describe more about W3C Validation and give instructions on why it it is important. The main thing is that if your site is not up to the standards set by W3C then search engines will be less favorable to you. So get your blog up to standard by checking your site with this official Validation Tool.

6. Bad Neighborhood Link
A bad neighborhood is a link in which your blog is being associated with spam or other indecent sites on the internet. Not only is this not helpful to your blog but it actually damages your blogs reputation with search engines. Use the Bad Neighborhood Tool to see if you are being negatively effected.
through this metod you can easily get nice traffic to your blogs

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