Saturday, October 30, 2010

Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Alexa currently ranks Facebook as the second most visited website behind Google. Rightly so, the world’s largest social network platform has amounted over 500 million users with more than 50% active users who log in at least once a day. For small businesses the lure is high to project products and services on the most widespread social site. A Facebook marketing site is not always successful if not done right. Here are some strategies for effective marketing on Facebook:

Create Facebook Profile: Business profiles on Facebook are the best way to take advantage of the large userbase without signing up to paid Facebook Ads. Just like a website your facebook profile projects your business to the world allowing customers and potential converts to communicate directly with you. Your profile also lets you post status messages about the business. When creating a profile for the business remember to fill in all necessary details of the business including direct contact information like phone numbers, email addresses and of course a link to your website.

Add People: The second step to take is to add people. Begin by adding people you’re familiar with. Family, friends, customers are all likely candidates. The most people you have the better. On a reasonable budget you may even sign up to a facebook marketing service that delivers friends to your profile. These services are completely legal and many businesses especially startups without a huge fan base use these initially. 

Post Updates Regularly: Gain user interaction by posting regular updates on products and services. A great idea to attract even more friends to your profile is to put out freebies and facebook only promotions. This works and you’ll be surprised at the viral effect of such promos. 

The number “1” tip for establishing a solid facebook presence is to keep it in mind that Facebook is all about connecting with people. Keep a personal touch on your profile with the name of a company representative on your profile. There are several marketing strategies for facebook success, these are only a few. The most important advice is for you to start by creating a profile, then employ the services of a specialized facebook marketer and see where that leads.

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