Sunday, February 13, 2011

German to English translation of any text

Knowledge cannot be contained in a closed space. It has to be shared from person to person, culture to culture; language to language i.e. in wide space. Translation is one tool that helps to share knowledge between cultures and languages. Translation, but is no easy business. You need to understand the true relation between two languages to translate one text to another without any mistakes. Of course to mirror a text that has been written in one language in to another language.
German to English translation is a particularly tough area as German grammar and syntax are known to be tough. English as well as German language is of West Germanic origin. English brought in to existence by people originated from the now North- West Germany. In this case English and German are related as German is also of West Germanic origin.
Fact remains although knowledge and culture has to be shared, it is practically impossible for any expert translator to express fully what another writer wrote in one language in to another very different language. But efforts are being made by experts to study and research every language in a very deep manner so that wisdom does not remain restricted by language barriers.
Nowadays there are many online tools for translation from English to German. But you cannot be sure that these tools of translation fully understand the meaning of each sentence before converting the English text into German text. Especially when it is a text that contains finer elements of literature like humor or metaphors etc, you cannot be sure that a mechanical computer program can catch these elements while converting the text from German into English.
As the translation industry and profession is growing, there are companies now that specifically employ expert translators. And these translators will also be experts under specific fields. For example, if you are looking for translating writing from German into English, there will be a translator exclusively for that employed in the company. For literature texts and such, there are many eminent authors and translators who have studied German in depth out there who understand both languages very well like the back of their hand.
You can here translate all of the content of your article page as you wish. Whatever you Type in the text or use your browser's copy/paste function to select, copy, and paste the text you wish to translate. Or you can type or paste the URL (Ex.: of the page that you wish to translate.
For simple translation needs (such as translating a block of texts, documents, chat messages, emails, web pages, etc.) the free online German to English translation service is fine.
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