Sunday, March 6, 2011


Some of the homeowners are willing to ignore cost-effective ways of saving money on their household bills with rising energy costs and growing concerns about climate change increase their valuability. Now the number of homeowners has started educating themselves and tries to know much fact about this that how to make their home more and more energy audit efficient effectively. You must know about energy audit so it is the process of assessing the actual energy consumption, the factors affecting them and methods to improve energy saving in buildings. By having an energy audit and by knowing fact about this you will learn the best ways to save energy, improve your home's product efficiency and you won't be wasting energy. So get an energy audit to your home or else your home just might have a fit of rage because you are not wasting money but also giving away to companies for products that don't even function proper or which are not needed. A lot of homeowners generally think that there is not a problem until they don't see any problem but there may be problem, what they don't understand is that some problems can be fixed easily if the right tests are done. Without testing, there would be no way of knowing the problem. There are many homeowners who are losing about "an open window's" This happens because all of our homes have little nooks that air can escape, or enter. You can fix this with a simple energy audit. Most likely this problem can be fixed by tightly air-sealing your home. Conscious undertaking plays an important role in energy efficiency. The first step towards increasing your home's energy efficiency is conducting energy efficiency audit. Home energy audits are easy to carry out and useful in identify areas for home improvement such as single glazed windows, open fireplaces and energy eating, un-insulated lofts, appliances and improving your home's air tightness. Professional energy auditors will typically looking for and seal the many leak points that add cost to energy bills. They also look at existing things in the home to check whether or not they are as efficient as possible. For example, they will look at your attic insulation and tell you the amount of insulation needed to keep the house as comfortable as possible. Auditors will also tell you whether your exterior doors and windows are too drafty, depending on their findings. If your light bulbs are not efficient, they will change the bulbs to energy efficient bulbs. One thing you know that Star Foam ensure that the most cost-effective improvements are Weatherization Programs, blower-door testing, thermal imaging video of home, furnace flute testing, moisture reading duct-blasting test etc. Ενεργειακη επιθεώρηση κτιρίων Ενεργειακή Επιθεώρηση

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