Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bringing a new puppy into your home?

Puppies will grow up very quickly. Know how to train them right and they will become a good natured and well-mannered adult dog.

Before You Search For A Puppy

Before you get a new puppy, make sure you know exactly what kind of puppy to look for and how to raise and train him.

Deciding Which Type of Puppy

The breed, type, size, activity level, hair color, hair length, and gender of your prospective puppy are personal choices and best left entirely up to you and your family. You will probably have read lots of well-meaning advice from pet professionals that advise you, for example, not to get certain breeds if you have children, not to get large dogs if you live in an apartment, and not to get active dogs in the city. In reality, all breeds and types of dogs can be wonderful or problematic with children. It very much depends on whether or not the puppy was trained how to act around children and the children were taught how to act around the puppy. Because of their lower activity levels, large dogs adapt more quickly to apartment living than little dogs. Big dogs just take up more space. And active dogs can live in cities just as active people live in cities. In fact, city dogs tend to be walked and exercised more than suburban dogs. In the long run, it will be you who will be living with your puppy and teaching it to adjust to your lifestyle and living arrangement.

Selecting Your Individual Puppy

It is vital however, in your puppy search that you know how to evaluate whether your prospective puppy is physically and mentally healthy. Research your prospective puppy's lineage to confirm that his grandparents and great-grandparents all lived to a ripe old age, and to check how many of his doggy family suffered from breed-specific problems. Long life is the best indicator of overall physical and behavioral health and the best predictor that your puppy will have a long life expectancy. Research well and most of all, please take your decision to get a puppy seriously. Each year, several million dogs are abandoned, given to shelters and euthanized, almost entirely because easily preventable and utterly predictable puppy problems were allowed to develop into much more difficult to resolve adult behavior, training and temperament problems. Train your new puppy and you will have a well behaved, loveable, forever family member! 

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