Saturday, August 7, 2010

Steps to Building a Positive Personality

Step 1: Accept Responsibility.
“Responsibility gravitates to the person who can shoulder them”.
Step 2: Consideration.
Step 3: Think Win/Win.
Step 4: Choose your words carefully.
“Spoken words can’t be retrieved”.
Step 5: Don’t criticize and complain.
Step 6: Smile and be kind.
Step 7: Put positive Interpretation on other people’s behavior.
Step 8: Be a good listener
“An open ear is the only believable sign of an open heart”.
Step 9: Be Enthusiastic.
“Nothing great is ever achieved without enthusiasm”.
Step 10: Give honest and sincere appreciation.
“The biggest disease today is not leprosy or tuberculosis but rather the feeling if being unwanted”.
Step 11: When we make a mistake, we should accept it immediately and willingly.
Step 12: When the other person realizes and admits that he has made a mistake congratulate him and give him a way out to save face.
Step 13: Discuss but don’t argue.
I learned a long time ago “never to wrestle a pig. You get dirty and besides, the pig likes it”.
Step 14: Don’t Gossip
Step 15: Turn your promises into commitments.
Step 16: Be grateful but do not expect gratitude.
Step 17: Be dependable and practice loyalty.
Step 18: Avoid bearing grudges, Forgive and Forget.
Step 19: Practice honesty, integrity and sincerity.
“Make yourself an honest man and then you may be sure there is one rascal less in the world”.
Step 20: Practice Humility
Step 21: Be understanding and caring to other
Step 22: Practice Courtesy on a daily basis.
“Courtesy shows good upbringing but rudeness is the weak man’s imitation of strength”.
Step 23: Develop a sense of Humor.
Step 24: Don’t be sarcastic and put other down
“When someone blushes with embarrassment, when someone carries away an ache, when something sacred is made to appear common, when someone’s weakness provides the laughter, when profanity is required to make it funny, when a child a brought to tears or when everyone can’t join in the laughter, it’s a poor joke”.
Step 25: To have a friend, be a friend.
Step 26: Show Empathy with other.

My Suggestion
To be a better person “Resolve to be tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant of the weak and wrong. Because some time in our life we should have been all of these ourselves”.

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