Saturday, August 14, 2010

What do DoFollow and NoFollow Means?

As you've learned if you've been with Guru of Search for a while, the two main factors involved in getting a page higher in the search engine rankings are quality content, and quality backlinks to that content. A backlink is a link from another site to your page. The more relevant the content on that page is to yours, and the more of an authority that site is considered on the topic, the more highly valued the link will be by search engines, and the more ranking credit your page will receive.
One way to receive a backlink is simply to post a comment on an article page discussing your topic and place a link back to your page. The problem was - spammers would take advantage of and abuse this tactic by placing links back to their pages all over the Internet, including on pages that were completely off-topic. That would be annoying to website owners trying to maintain the integrity of their pages. So Google came up with a nofollow tag website owners could add to all comment links posted by visitors, that would basically instruct Google not to follow, and therefore not to give credit, to that particular link, and the page it would link to. The intent behind this was to deter spammers from spamming blogs.

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