Friday, September 3, 2010

Structure of a best men’s hat in fashionable design

A hat consists of four basic parts: the brim, crown, bill, and hatband. The brim is the outer portion of the hat. The brim can be sturdy, stiff, loose, bent, or curled. The crown is featured at the top portion of the hat and covers the head. Like the brim, the crown can differ depending on the hat. A baseball cap has a round crown, a fedora can have a pointed crown, and a boat hat can have a flat crown. The bill is featured directly in the front of the cap, and is generally what shields the face from the elements. Lastly, the hatband is located around the circumference of the hat. Visors and baseball caps have sweatbands laced inside the hat. Fedoras can have material and other embellishments encircling the hatband.

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