Saturday, October 30, 2010

How to Get 10,000 Twitter Followers for Cheap

Startup and emerging businesses alike have a lot to benefit from 10,000 active followers on their twitter accounts. Exposure drives traffic leading to improved sales and profits for your business. Now, if you’d like to grow your twitter fan base exponentially over the next few weeks, here are some cheap ways to this. You can get 10,000 real people following your twitter account to provide the perfect platform on which to market products and services.
Hire a Twitter Marketing Service. How would you like 10,000 twitter followers in 30 days? Choosing the right twitter marketing service would help deliver even more twitter followers than you pay for. A twitter marketing service possesses several advantages in that you may select the geographical location of preferred followers, points of interest, and so on, all in a bid to ensure that those following you are more likely to patronize the service.
Twitter Follower Exchanges. Twitter Exchanges are also gaining popularity. They mostly work by having you post up a link to your twitter account and then accepting to follow a required amount of people. Follower exchanges are almost always a two-way process (get followed and follow). But they are a great way to start when conducting free twitter marketing campaigns.
Self-Marketing.Do you have lots of friends? Do you attend professional conferences, seminars? Have you any medium to give-away business cards to clients? Having 10,000 twitter followers added to your twitter account continues by self marketing your twitter profile. Make a business card including your twitter link available to friends, family and clients. Convince them to join and most will.
Post Tweets Regularly. Truth is Twitter can be a fun place and most people don’t want to follow dull profiles. If you want to stay relevant and promote your business, post tweets regularly and make sure to respond to tweets posted. You may take part in posting your say on trending topics floating around from time to time. This strategy really works because I know someone who added over 50,000 followers in a single weekend all from posting tweets every hour or so. His tweets were so funny and interesting to read, he had a twitter profile linked to a number of blog sites bringing more promo.

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